Weekly Recap 8/14/20

August 17, 2020

Fitness Burn Calories Week

The work around the house has been intense. I mean like sweat dripping in the sunglasses extreme. And I think “damn! I had to have just burned 2000 calories digging up this sod.” Nope… 50.

And since I still can’t decide if I want to go for my August Apple Activity challenge, my week of fitness has been ibuprofen and squeezing in a walk whenever I can. Which seems to be when the sun starts to set and I realize if I start at that moment I can bug spray up and still get 2 miles in.

As much as I love me a good morning walk there is also something about summer nights. I mean, bug spray a must! But it’s peaceful, cool, you can see inside everyone’s houses (a pro tip right there from my mom) and I can just start that book up and walk it all out.


Currently Reading

“Fierce, Free, And Full Of Fire” by Jen Hatmaker
I happened on Jen Hatmaker from the Rachel Hollis’s RISE Live event back in May. Jen was one of the speakers and talked about parenting. She was funny, insightful and it a few weeks back she came to mind and I landed on a podcast of hers. Which all led me to this book… funny how books land in your lane in the exact moment you need to hear them. The audio book in the reason I drag my ass away from the patio project to walk.

I’m clearly at an introspective point in my life, I want to be better, do better, get down to my core principals and let them guide me. I want to keep evolving. Bring goodness and positivity into the world. This book speaks directly at all of that. To fully tap into your unique self, only accept goodness, give goodness, be solid in the beliefs that drive you. It all makes me feel good… encourages me to lean more into me. I’m into all of it!

We were replacing 1 window! Part # unknown

All the projects are in full swing and things are starting to come together. I’m determined at this point. Every block of time I can carve out to make progress it is happening. Moving bricks. Laying patio bricks. Digging. Leveling. Whatever, I’m just doing all I can to make one small step forward. My body can hush it up, be sore later, these projects are getting done!

School Decisions

Just like most of you parents out there we had to make decisions last week on this upcoming school year. Our choices for each kid: 100% brick + mortar - or - 100% virtual. It’s all so tough, for all of us. We thought a bunch on it, talked to kids, friends. In the end, no right or wrong decision, we each just make the best guess for our kids and families.

For us, this will be B’s senior year so she got to decide, easy decision for her she wants back in school so so bad.

After reading what the school days would look like we decided to keep Hudson and Chase home doing virtual school. Sure there was the “will they really wash their hands” discussion, but for us it was the full day in their classroom. Lunch, specials, you name it, all happening in the classroom with possible recess… all socially distanced of course. Would they feel more trapped? More isolated? Again, best decision at the time with what we got.

Hunter on the other hand was tough. Kid needs school like he needs air to breathe or wifi. He wanted to go, we weren’t sure, and before we knew it we missed the deadline which means in-person schooling if we didn’t apply. Now, we take bets, are school really going to open in September?

Time For Change

This week was my last week working at Unspecified. You know, life comes at you unexpectedly and you make the best decisions you can at the time. I expected to be with Unspecified for the long haul. But life… pandemic… all leading to an opportunity I never expected. I decided to embrace the challenge and explore the new opportunity. See where this path leads.

Lots to says and lots of feels on this decision. For now, taking some down time to recharge. I say “down time” which clearly right noe means books, fam and trying to find the driveway under all the bricks.

Grateful For…

  1. Local corn. Yes, I am grateful for this sweet deliciousness that only comes around a couple months a year. Actually, summer local veggies are just the best. Period. I mean fresh local summer tomatoes 🤤
  2. Supportive neighbors. It has been so cool to have so many neighbors stop by to say hi, chat, give support and even offer wine. It has so wonderful and I can’t wait to wrap up our patio adventure to have them over.
  3. Spirit levels (yes I had to Google to know they are actually called). These amazing devices tell me exactly were and how to lay each brick and I love them.
  4. How much these turkies love each other.

Written by Sara Gibbons