Weekly Recap 7/03/20

July 03, 2020

Fitness Journey

Officially at my lowest weight evah! 🤸‍♀️ You know, my adult evah. Sheesh, gotta be since I was somewhere in high school… maybe junior high… no matter, I feel ahhh-mazing!

I was pushing hard to reach my June goal from Apple Fitness who saw it time to challenge me to burn 32,500 calories for the month. It pushed me to lace up each morning and hit the pavement before the heat cranked up for the day. Honestly, it was what I needed. Early morning, sun, warmth, fresh air and a book.

For July my Apple watch congratulated my June achievement, and reminded me it also hated me, by challenging me to exercise 2,020 minutes this month. As much as I’d like to think I will ignore it and do my own thing, I’m totally going after it.

What my workout week looked like…

  • each morning, when my eyes pop open (or Scott loudly says “Oh good you’re awake!”) walk 3-5 miles
  • Chloe Ting Summer 2020 Shred Challenge, I’m spacing it out some but hit Day 22 and 23 this week.
    Be warned for all you amazing mommas who pushed a human out your body, not all exercises are “plumbing” friendly if you got me.
  • night walks by the dojo while the kids kung-foo



  • “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle
    I don’t even know where to start with this book. It opened my mind, eyes, made me think about who I am and want to be. It was incredible. I got it on Audible and it became a perk that got me walking in the mornings. For all my ladies, add it to your must read list. Self-awareness, guiding principles, gender definitions, racisism, she takes it all head on. There is only a few books I’ve re-read, this will be one of them. In fact, I think I may order it in print so I can highlight, mark portions, or maybe pass it on even… I don’t know but I need it!
  • “Wolfpack” by Abby Wambach
    Audible-d this one too. I heard about it a couple times and after my friend brought it up again I started it up. Plus, I just adore Glennon + Abby and was having Glennon withdrawals after I finished “Untamed”, “Wolfpack” was a great follow-up for me. I loved how Abby used the yellowstone wolves to describe leadership and working as a team. It’s geared to women but honestly, any leader should give it a read. I already gifted this one to some friends, got it for B and am adding it to my list for all my Girls Who Code getting ready for college.

Currently Reading

“Present Over Perfect” by Shauna Niequist
Audible again, seriously, sun + exercise + books is just a magical combination for me. I’m maybe an hour and half in to this one… wow. My friend Amy was right, it took her 2-3 times of her recommending this to me before I got it, it is absolutely what I need. About why we stay busy all the time, digging into finding what we makes us whole, being clear on what/who we are at our core and saying no to anything that doesn’t move those forward. This book should come with a workbook.


This week has been crazy hot and humid here. The boys seem to prefer the “cool off in front of a video game” protocol. I think I’ve heard “but the match is almost over” 50 times. “Matches” clearly have no beginning or end, and the boys have learned I have no idea and are using it against me.

Sometimes though, I’m lucky enough to find an end of match. We had a few this week, one while B had the day off of work. She blew up the pool we got his year, filled it with water, let the sun warm it up (some) and took the boys out into the pool.

I was in my office, with the doors closed, and heard giggling from the yard. I walked over to the window to see what they were doing… all in the pool, playing a game they made up, laughing. It was the most heart filling thing in the world! They didn’t see me as I stood there watching to absorb every giggle from them.

Grateful For…

  1. The Instacart delivery guy. As if, tackling my Costco order for a family of 6 on a Saturday morning isn’t enough, he was super pleasant as he chatted with us as he unloaded our groceries on the front porch and said good bye with a, “Have a blessed day!” A blessed day. What a great wish, statement, reminder.
  2. My baby girl who looked at me this week after I said, “I’m pretty smart”, stopped me from continuing and said, “No mom, you are amazingly smart. No more of this ‘pretty’ smart crap, ‘amazingly’ smart only.” When she fires my lessons to her back at me, yeah, I have trained that one well. 😊
  3. Kool-Aid. I forgot the magic you hold to children. The colors, combining flavors. You can be frozen. Summer magic in a little 25 cent package. Listen, I’m not going to read the ingredients, cause I just told y’all what is in it, different colored magic.
  4. Scott for knowing when I have mind space to make decisions and when I don’t. For what oddly (I’ll admit it) matters to me and when I could care less. As we re-do our porch I am grateful he knows when to line up wood, paint, stain, and direct me to caulk and then to know not to pull the trigger on a $20 light without consult. ❤️

Failures to Lessons Learned

  • Turns out that after you left sourdough bread rise but run out of time to bake it, you shouldn’t put in the frig overnight. You can make a solid go the next day at getting it to rise again to bake, but yeah no.
  • Sara, the oatmeal packet you warm in the microwave with almond milk, 1min 30secs! Not 33 seconds, 35 and never 40! No matter how you might think you put more almond milk in or want the oats to cook a bit longer, never higher than 1min 30secs.

Written by Sara Gibbons