Weekly Recap 10/23/20

October 25, 2020

Current Date

Unknown. The calendar says “October 23, 2020”. Body and mind tell me Sept-ober.

That does align though with my Amazon Subscribe & Save delivery. All of a sudden boxes started showing up. Yup, I missed the window to adjust what I needed on my subscribe & save and now have all the things.

Side note, turns out toilet paper and paper towels are back in full swing. I now have 5 cases of toilet paper, 2 of paper towels thanks to surprise subscribe & save and my last Costco Instacart shopper accidentally leaving a huge package with my delivery. If/When the shortage hits us again, I got you.


Yup. That is still happening. Can’t tell you exactly what, when or how. But, the exercise ring gets filled each day… might be a 10pm walk on treadmill, mid-day dance party… and okay, I’ll admit one day I dried my hair and got 4 mins of exercise. Oh, I counted it.

Message response time

I feel like I’m at a few days, but I also still feel like it’s September. Sooo, maybe I should start to look at the week measurement.

I heard Scott say on the phone, “Here is my number, don’t try to reach my wife for anything timely.” 😂

Maybe I should look into a rehab program. An app to organize myself. I don’t know. I think my problem is I want to give each thing I am doing my attention, responded to messages with what I’m really feeling… which at this rate is mostly, “OMG I miss your face and desperately want to get coffee with you!”

Virtual schooling

I mean, we can all agree, they clearly missed putting a warning label for parents on virtual schooling instructions. It’s fine though, we’re fine, I’m fine… it’s totally and completely fine.

We’re figuring it out as we go, the biggest obstacle is work items of… “Read independently”, or “Write In Your Journal”… read what? write what? As a parent I’m flying blind here. I legit told Chase to write about zombies one day. Whateves, he still wrote for the 15-20 minutes and filled a page. See, fine.

That, and just not enough work. It would be great to have an extras category that didn’t involve investing more time on math and reading websites they are already using each day. Again, we figure it out… Hudson learned about skulls and made skeleton masks. Again, we’re fine.

Grateful for…

  1. Maiya who comes a couple hours each school day to help keep the things in order and the boys learning. She’s an amazing person, positive, finds all joy in life, so smart and has reached saint status for all she does.
  2. Having creative time at home with the family to dream up our own DIY Halloween decorations.
  3. Black craft paint being available in large bottles. (see #2)
  4. The kids for all trying the turkey meatloaf I made (first time in years++) and actually ingesting some.

Written by Sara Gibbons